The economy is dynamic, a robust economy with growth and jobs will enable more people at the bottom to benefit and participate in the riches of the country – “A high tide floats all boats,” as Jack Kennedy said.

There’s only so much money to go around. If you are wealthy, it’s because someone else was deprived of that money





Human beings are capable of making decisions that are best for themselves and their families

Human beings, for the most part,  are incapable of making good decisions for themselves and their families, and need government intervention to achieve quality of life




Policies that guide us should be based on the natural-born rights that cannot be taken away and must be adhered to by whoever is governing

Policies that govern us should be based on fluid principles that change with current historical and social trends and are determined the people who govern at the time




Equality means that man, regardless of differences in status, physical and mental ability is born equal, free from domination, and has the right, through his own effort, to improve his lot in life.

Equality means an Egalitarian society where everyone has about the same amount of material possessions; and needs a powerful central government to distribute the benefits of an affluent society to all




Policies that encourage the (honest and ethical) accumulation of individual wealth should be encouraged, because they foster economic activity, robust buying and selling, create more jobs that employ more people, and increase quality of life for most people

Policies that share and redistribute wealth should be encouraged, because they will create a more equitable and fair society; People will be able to compete on an even playing field; poverty will be minimized and everyone will have more opportunity




Everyone should have the right to keep as much of their earned income as possible, with the exception of reasonable taxes for civic protection and services.

The state determines what it wants and needs and leaves the rest of his/her earned income to individual.




One’s primary civic identity is national – attachment to his/her country

One’s primary civic identity is world-wide – i.e. one is a citizen of the world




The major issue for the humanity is a battle between good and evil

The major issue for humanity is the battle between the rich and the poor and the strong and the weak.




Parents, particularly those of children in disadvantaged school, should have a right to school choice; parents know best their children’s educational needs.

School choice undermines the state sponsored school system; more money needs to be given to education to improve it.



More money, through lower taxes, should remain in the hands of the individual who best knows his or her needs

Higher taxes are needed to provide for more government services, especially for the poor and disadvantaged



Everyone has a right to free speech, even if it seems offensive and makes people uncomfortable

Any speech that offends another or makes them feel uncomfortable should be restrained




Decisions about your community and quality of life are best made by local government and entities closest to you

Central government, and entities such as the UN should be involved in decisions about my community, because they have a larger view and a more sophisticated approach and plan

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