With the tsunami of information that drowns us each day, there is a need to get our heads above water (or out of the sand), determine the root issues, apply some commonsense, and let us, the American people, determine the answers for ourselves.


The Citizen Briefs are one page information sheets to make this job easier. See our list below. Start at the beginning, or jump in with an issue that’s a hot topic for you. And don’t forget to check out the informative sources cited at the end.

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Citizen Briefs

Government Reform


Regulation – Sound regulation policies have given us clean water, clean air and safe food and drugs. What are the problems when regulations run amuck?


The Role of Government – What does government do well, and what happens when it loses sight of its proper role



Debt – The national debt is on course to dramatically outpace economic growth, resulting in a financial crisis like those in Greece and Ireland. Read the implications of this debt and why you should care.


Spending – Politicians use tricks to mask their increased spending. CB #2 reveals their tricks and the price our children will pay – literally!


Bust to Boom – Is it possible to rebound robustly from a bad recession in a few quarters? History tells us yes. Read about such a recovery.



What Do the Rich Pay – Just how much do “the rich” pay? You might be surprised to see who does pay the lion’s share of the taxes and who doesn’t pay at all.


Tax Puzzle - Is the issue tax policies that bring sufficient revenue to the Treasury, or an arbitrary tax rate on a select group of people? See what history tells us about tax rates that bring economic prosperity.

Social Security


Social Security – Social Security is a critical safety net; what’s the history of Social Security, how did it get into trouble, and how can we fix it.



Healthcare Program – No prior conditions and parents keeping children on their insurance plan till 26 is the good news of the Affordable Care Act. What’s the “not-so –good-news” we should know about the policies and implementation of ACA?


iPhone Healthcare – The iPhone gives us speed, flexibility, customization, and personalization - just what we need in a great healthcare plan. Do we have it, and can we get it?


Affordable Care Act - How will the government pay for the Affordable Care Act? Discover the taxes that will be levied on the rich, the middle class, and young adults.



Common Core - While many states and educators have embraced Common Core, other states, teachers, and parents have grave concerns about this top-down federally sponsored program.


School Choice: Home Schooling – In 1960 almost 100% of America’s youngsters were enrolled in public schools. It has been declining since then; what are the reasons?



Defense Spending – How can we have a lean, mean, fighting machine. See suggestions for cutting spending, but keeping us safe as well.


The Proper Role of Defense – It’s a dangerous world; How do we best allocate our defense resources to keep us safe in a world with some enemies that don’t even have armies?



Unions – Over the years, Unions have brought about a safer workplace. When do unions help individuals and the economy, and when can they hurt?



Alternative Energy – Great advances are being made in renewable fuels, but face problems in deliverability and scalability and provide only 8% of our energy needs. How can we prudently provide for our energy needs while renewables catch up?


Energy and Jobs - Parts of the country are booming. Find out the role of energy production in their economic vitality.