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The Mainstream Media spins the news and the 'New Media' drowns us with the volume of information transmitted. Find sources that are unbiased, like DoUKnowUSA, and use that information to judge what you hear elsewhere. Here are some other Web Sites to consider.
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Action Center
Get Involved and Help Spread the Truth
Become a warrior for the TRUTH and talk to your friends, relatives, co-workers, or if you belong to a social group, speak to them. Study our CBs and related links to arm yourself and then have fun while helping your country get back on track. Here are some Tools to help you be successful.
Find Your Candidates Rating
One source for this is iCaucus. Their mission is to increase the effectiveness of United States voters in utilizing their proper Constitutional role in the management of their own government; first through comprehensive education and secondly through participation in the candidate identification and election process to ensure principled representation based upon Fiscal Responsibility through adherence to the Constitutional Limitations of Government.

What will you children and family say about you when they look back at the challenges our country faces today? Did you act?


The din and clatter of daily life often masks and buries uneasy feelings, particularly when the cure seems distant and beyond our control – such as the underlying weaknesses in our country today.


But if everybody does a little, great things can happen. A phone call here – a conversation there, an email, a tweet or a Facebook posting – even an article sent by snail mail!


Look through our Action Center, it’s loaded with quick-to-use resources, ideas, guidelines, that lets you participate at your comfort level.

Register to Vote
Visit U.S. the Election Assistance Commission for information, and then Register On-line. It's your civic duty!
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Write or Call Your Representatives -- It really does matter when you call, or write your House,or Senate Representatives about an issue. Sign up for a newsletter from a reputable organization, like Heritage Foundation and look for their action alerts. It is easy to do and you only need to call and register your position on an important topic to make a difference.