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About Us

Armed with information, we, the American citizenry can

This is why we developed DoUknowUSA


We are a small team of people from southern California who developed DoUknowUSA to arm you with reliable information, supported by facts, that shed light on the policies and attitudes that have worked to make us an economically vibrant and compassionate society.


We are non-partisan: we do not carry the water for any political party, but focus on programs, policies, and ideas have been proven, historically, to work – or not.


Please join us in our venture. Dig-in, enjoy, and spread the word







Citizen Briefs -One page easy-to-read, well-resourced summaries of key issues facing American today


Fact Sheets - Short list of startling facts that gives a quick overview of a topic and serves as enlightening conversation starters


Action Center - Loaded with resources to help you participate in politics in way that is most comfortable for you. Click on the bright blue “Tools” link to reveal these helpful ideas

Home Page Extras - found on the animated book pages
Here’s what you will find on our site